Tubes and Tanks


WWII Hairstyles
A collection of WWII photographs, depicting some Of the hairstyles of the time, like the victory Rolls, the lifted and the swoops hairstyles. Most of these woman pictured here, were either in the services, the Land Army, WVS, working in factories or part of the home front. A rather inspiring gaggle of girls with gorgeous locks.

if only this kind of stuff would take off!

Original German oil can.  I think it was for an MG?  

The real area of interest is the original camo pattern.

Pictures of German Panzer Gyrocompass.  Not mine. 

Apparently TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN of nightwish fame is putting out a Scrooge McDuck concept album.

Yeah…you read that right.  A Finnish prog metal Scrooge album.

Other german keys.  None mine.  Just reference photos for others.  Notice the one in the far left that looks like mine in the rusted key pic.  That one was found in Russia.

Just received this.  It is a Panzer 4 key, brought back after WW2.  These keys were not specific to tanks, but would fit many different large German vehicles.  But I believe the seller.  It belonged to her father in law, and she shared many details about him (that I will not post, to protect her privacy)


One neat (and eerie) thing about this key is that the rust is right where the key would be pressed with the thumb and curled index finger when starting the vehicle.

picture lot from german ebay.

looks to be from early in the war from the tanks shown.  Probably France.

More video of the museum that the Bulgarian German armor now calls home.  They have a pretty impressive collection now 

In case you were wondering about what happened to those german tanks found buried in Bulgaria.